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Before the paint and painstaking lettering

Building the POW*MIA CAR


The 1955 Chevy was pulled from a field to be resurrected. With over a 3 years of work the car has been transformed into both a piece of art and a technical triumph.


The hard work is already paying off. People gather around this unusual car to look for a name they might recognize, or reflect on the sacrifice.


Dan Ulrich, a volunteer helping with the car said, "You look at the 2,211 names and think about what they and their families went through and your imagination just kind of takes off."


Many individuals and businesses have played a roll in the project. The names create a common bond between those working on the project. Bill Laferriere has spent hours working on the car and is a veteran. He saw the name of a childhood friend.


"Maybe the families will realize that their son is not forgotten or their dad is not forgotten," commented Ulrich. In fact, many tears have been shed when family members come in contact with the car. Max Loffgren, builder of the POW MIA Car recalls that, "A young lady was sitting in the grandstands and saw our flags. She walked up, looked at the names and said 'that's my dad.' She thanked us and gave us a hug. There were a lot of tears."


What does the future hold for Loffgren and his 1955 Chevy? He plans to continue educating the public by showing the car around the U.S. Whatever happens, the 3,578 POW/MIA rest knowing that YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.

Max Loffgren's POW MIA Tribute Car

To contact us:

Phone: 530-934-7590


E-mail: POW55car@aol.com


It's unfortunate that on occasion we attempt to help a friend, neighbor or relative look for a name on the POW MIA car that does not exist because that person has not been truthful about their military service.  It's sad to see the look on  their faces when they discover that the person who claimed to have been in Vietnam was indeed, not. We feel it is our duty to expose those who have stolen the Valor of brave men and used it to gain respect they had not earned. 

The attention to detail and the love poured forth on Max Loffgren’s 1995 Chevy Dragster POW MIA Car is evident every step of the way...from resurrection through final detailing.

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