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Special Thanks to the following people and companies for helping to make the POW MIA Tribute Car Come alive!

To contact us:

Phone: 530-934-7590


E-mail: POW55car@aol.com



· Sears Point International Raceway (Sonoma, CA)


· Rebel Design (Sacramento, CA) Paint and Graphics


· John Chamberlin Enterprises (Napa, CA) Chassis, headers, metal                              fabrication


· Dan Gutierrez - Green Valley Signs (Fairfield, CA) Car Graphics


· Dan Ulrich - Graphic Auto Body (Fairfield, CA) Paint Product


· Joe Pittlekow - Sonoma Lift Truck Co. (Rohnert Park, CA) Cash Donation


· Gene and Jane Dunlap (Ohio) Transmission


· R&R Machine Shop (Napa, CA) Engine builder



· Sandy Rogers (Napa, CA) Computer work, graphics


· Tom Scott (Yountville, CA) Brakes


· Patty Kang (Fairfield, CA) Graphics


· Chris Blum, Wendy Littlefield and Scott Mislan - Shadowrock Productions,       Inc. (Beverly Hills, CA)


· Kodak


· Colossal Pictures, Skellington, Dr. Rawstock, Raub Shapiro and Annie                     Lennox, Public Service Announcement Video


· Tom Fiske - Napa, CA Videos press and "our scrounger"


· Bob Waldorf (Fairfield, CA) Crew Chief


· Bill Laferriere (Napa, CA), Max Loffgren (Willows, CA), Bert Williams and       Sons, Inc. (Fairfield and Napa, CA) Auto Parts


· Brotherhood of Viet Nam Vets (Vacaville, CA) Cash Donation


· Simpson Race Products (Torrance, CA) Safety equipment


· TCI Automotive (Ashland, MS) Torque converter


·  John Callanan Family (Napa, CA) Cash Donation


·  Phil Handley and Family (Napa, CA) Computer


·  Jan Shultz—Crew Chief (Napa, CA) Electrical Wiring


·  Deist Safety Equipment (Los Angeles, CA) Parachute


·   VVA 702 (Yountville, CA) Financial Assistance



www.lathammarine.com -- Latham Marine sponsored this website.[car2.jpg]

A very special thanks to Bob and Kathy Latham of Latham Marine and Latham Performance Products in Ft Lauderdale, FL.  After a brief meeting  these fine Americans have underwritten the entire cost of this website including hosting, design and creation.



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